"First of all, the exchanges with Luc are always very rich because he knows how to listen, ask us the right questions that allow us to take a step back from ourselves and find the answers to our questions ourselves.

The online audit questionnaire then helps to highlight are our strengths and areas of focus and Luc leads us to understand how to build on them to improve as a manager leader."

Laure, Member of the Executive Committee, subsidiary of a French automotive group (France)

"I had the opportunity to appreciate Alain's exceptional professional qualities. His ability to create the conditions necessary to create value in a constrained or difficult environment.

Alain has a great ability to resolve conflicts, to align priorities based on collective intelligence. All these assets make Alain undoubtedly deserving of the title of "Servant Leader".

Nicolas Cosme, Freelance IRD Front Office Quant Development, ING Financial Markets (Belgium)

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