For which audience?
- Project contributors interested in specific soft skills to activate in a complex and uncertain environment.
- Also interested in discovering in detail the winning posture of "servant leader" with a link to recent discoveries in neuroscience.
What is the aim?
- Understanding soft skills, (re)discovering the foundations of agility, determining the right soft skills to activate
- Exploring the concepts of servant leader, psychological safety, collective intelligence
- Opening up to new postures as a person and as a team
- Improving performance in complex environments
- Discovering the Sextant method
For what audience?
10 to 20 people, interacting with the coach-leaders
What can we promise you?
- Discover and determine the soft skills to be activated in your personal situation
- Refine your understanding of the work environment
- Increase your self-confidence and management capacity thanks to the key concepts
- Have a greater impact on your environment thanks to a new thinking framework
When?See calendarOn request
What budget?
What schedule?3 hours, from 17:30 to 20:30Half a day (4 hours),
morning or afternoon.
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