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To solve what type of problem?
Develop the culture of your staff, teams, departments and organization towards more Agility by building on the strengths of individuals...

In a complex environment (VICA), in a specific context, with a view to solving a problem typically linked to :
- a lack of collaboration,
- a lack of motivation,
- a loss of meaning,
- conflicts between people or departments,
- an Agile and/or digital transition

With key stages:
- Identification of the attitudes to be activated in the identified context
- Development of capabilities through an innovative and unique path
- Multiple immediate and pragmatic transformation implementations
With what method?
The core of the method: a co-construction of a team coaching program composed of factual information, customized inputs and workshop sessions.
For which audience?
Any team, department or organization that decides to take action in its development of attitudes that ensure performance in complex environments (VICA).
For what audience?
From 4 to 100 people in cross-fertilization and collective intelligence with the coaches
In which region?
Belgium, Luxembourg, Paris
Have what promises?
1. Establish the roots of Agility in the local mentality and culture
2. Identify strengths and potential for improvement through online auditing (DJM)
3. Strengthen people's potential and talents by drawing on collective intelligence and psychological security.
4. Grow, shine, make others shine,
5. Rediscover pleasure at work, improve well-being, find meaning in one's mission, ...
6. Develop a culture of Agility within the organization by building on the strengths of individuals...

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