La méthodologie proposée Sextant est une méthodologie originale qui permet de développer la culture de vos équipes, départements et organisation vers plus d’Agilité en s’appuyant sur les forces des individus..

Nous croyons effectivement que les soft skills Agiles sont devenus essentiels pour évoluer dans des organisations et des projets de plus en plus VICA (volatils, incertains, complexes et ambigus).

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We believe that the Agile culture, based on values and principles such as collaboration, communication, adaptability, empathy, creativity and flexibility is an answer to a VICA world.

We believe that servant leadership is a leadership style that fosters collaboration and creativity in teams. The servant leaders focus on the well-being and development of the team, rather than on their own personal success, which requires different skills than those expected of a traditional manager.

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We believe that the growth-mindset is a winning attitude in VICA environments because it encourages perseverance, optimism and the ability to learn from mistakes. Individuals who adopt a growth mindset are more likely to succeed in the long run.

We believe that psychological safety is a key element in enabling a team to unleash its potential. VICA environments require skills such as agility and also resilience and the ability to adapt quickly to change.

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Our company offers consulting and training services in Agile soft skills, which help companies to adopt an Agile mindset that is based on the principle ofcollective intelligence. We work with leaders and teams to build skills in collaboration, communication, empathy, creativity and flexibility. We also help leaders adopt a servant leadership style, foster a growth mindset and promote psychological safety in their team.

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Together we can unleash the potential of your teams and help create a positive and productive work environment that fosters long-term success. Activate Agile soft skills through our unique learning methodology. Contact us to learn more!

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