For which audience?
Any person involved (contributor) in the problems of collaboration in complex environments, interested in soft skills and their role in performance. The focus is on the Agile context and the issues related to the human being in a VICA environment...
What is the aim?
Understand what soft skills are, (re)discover the foundations of Agility and the soft skills to activate in this context. Explore the concepts of "servant leader" and "psychological safety". Discover the ARC method.
How many people ?
20 people
In what place?
Keyrus Bio Pharma, Drève Richelle 161, building L, 1410, Waterloo, Brabant -Wallon, Belgium and soon other locations!
What can we promise you?
The contributor discovers the "Agile soft skills" and becomes aware of the key competencies to activate for individual and team performance in a complex world. The contributor broadens his or her frame of mind with new avenues of development and gets acquainted with implementation methods, such as the ARC method of collective intelligence through the use of detours.

When?See calendarOn request
What budget?40€ (VAT excluded) - 48€ (VAT included) / person600 € per session / 2 Speakers
What schedule?2h00, from 18:30 to 21:00, with
sandwhich dinner and drinks included!
1h30, from 17:00 to 18:30, other
possibilities on request

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